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Who We Are

Applico is trailblazing a new type of services firm, the platform innovation company. It is our belief that platforms are the key business model in the Connected Revolution, and as a mobile industry visionary and thought leader, we help position our clients to compete where the market is going – not just where it is today.

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What We Do

We meld the worlds of strategy and implementation to help you turn your products into platforms. Our end-to-end services will provide you with all the help you need to build and scale innovative platforms that disrupt markets and invigorate internal cultural shifts.

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The Connected Revolution Monthly Report Automotive Edition

In our latest Connected Revolution Report we examine how the Revolution evolved in the second half of 2013, and we highlight the Automotive industry, breaking down the race to build the Connected Car.

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The Next Industrial Revolution Is Here

There’s a revolution sweeping across the business landscape. Boundaries are rapidly shifting and even collapsing, disrupting long-stable industries and creating entirely new ones. Whether or not they’re being squeezed yet, companies in every industry can feel the threat.