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Applico Platform Innovation
Applico Platform Innovation

What We Do

Applico is a long-term advisor to CEOs and boards of large enterprises on strategic investments, M&A and the follow-on integration with a platform startup. Our team of proven tech entrepreneurs is changing the traditional banking model to help traditional enterprises capture tech multiples.

Why Platforms?

The tech businesses disrupting traditional business are all platforms. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft – are all 21st century modern monopolies. Platform startups need scale – an undervalued asset locked up inside of many large enterprises. Applico brings together traditional enterprises and platform startups to beat big tech at its own game.

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Trusted By The Largest Enterprises

We work with some of the largest companies in the world to create new tech ventures

We Are Experienced

Our team has over $400 million in funding and exits

The Defining Book on Platform Businesses

"Modern Monopolies brilliantly lays out the formula for how to get rich in the platform economy. This book will become the handbook for the next generation of business leaders."

-George F. Colony, Founder & CEO

"A required read for anyone interested in building, or investing in, network-based businesses."

-Andrew Weissman, Partner

"{A} stimulating book...The authors are particularly interesting on how modern platform companies are able to outsource much of their innovation."

-Jorn Thornhill, Editor

Featured In

WisdomTree launches modern tech platforms index

Licenses Applico's Platform Insights

WisdomTree launches modern tech platforms index

Applico's proprietary data set, Platform Insights, is the first of its kind to identify which public companies generate platform business revenue.

Applico licenses this data to financial companies who want to create investment products or acquire insights about leading platform companies, like WisdomTree, a leading ETF creator.

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