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iOS and Android mobile app design and development specializing in platform businesses, including marketplace, sharing economy, and on-demand companies.

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What does platform mean to you?

To us, it’s a business model. One with two or more groups exchanging value in some way. Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Apple’s App Store—all platform businesses.

Here at Applico, we’re fascinated by them. Some would argue, obsessed. We’ve identified them, studied them and developed our own framework on how to build them. We even wrote a book.

Platforms are in their infancy.

And so, we’ve made it our mission to partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders to write the future. With playbook in-hand, we help launch new platforms, accelerate existing platforms and co-create platform innovation.

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And about that book we mentioned.

And about that book we mentioned. And about that book we mentioned. And about that book we mentioned. And about that book we mentioned. And about that book we mentioned.

Modern Monopolies explains the infrastructure and techniques required to build a modern and successful tech platform business like Uber and Airbnb. The book was recently recognized as an Amazon Best-Seller and has been featured on Yahoo and Bloomberg.

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Here's how we can help

Seed Stage Entrepreneurs

Building an app is easy. Designing a business is infinitely more difficult. Applico helps seed stage entrepreneurs turn their idea into a mobile app, but more importantly a business. Starting with business model design and all the way through mobile app design and engineering, we’ll build an MVP that nails product/market fit.

Established Platforms

We are an extension of your team accelerating you ahead of your competition. Need to increase your platform’s supply, innovate on pricing, or evolve your brand to be aspirational? We’ve got you. Already reached critical mass? We’ll help you solidify your status as a modern monopoly.

Large Enterprises

Business model adjustments have large ramifications and incubating new platform startups that build on your existing network can lead to huge rewards. We can be an extension of your existing team and inject platform innovation into your teams.

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A few people we work with


220 E 23rd St, Suite 501, New York, NY 10010

Our NYC office is HQ. We work closely with the NYC startup community to launch disruptive platform businesses as well as partnering with larger companies to co-create platform innovation. Our NYC Platform Innovation Meetup group plans quarterly events featuring established platform leaders and executives.


555 Rose Ave, Venice Beach, CA 90291

Our LA office is in the heart of Silicon Beach in Venice. Our Los Angeles team works very closely with our NYC office to help Los Angeles startup entrepreneurs capture platform value through business model design and mobile app design and development.

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