Traditional Enterprises Need Platform Businesses

Traditional Enterprises Need Platform Businesses

The tech businesses you’re threatened by today are platforms. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Google and even Uber, Airbnb, and Snapchat – are all 21st century modern monopolies.

We believe Silicon Valley shouldn’t be the only ones building successful platform businesses. At Applico, we identify direct platform threats to our enterprise clients and execute on building platform businesses that can grow into a modern monopoly. We even wrote a best-selling book on the topic of platform digital transformation, Modern Monopolies.

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Traditional Enterprises Need Platform Businesses

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Applico’s team of platform innovators advises large, traditional enterprises on how to build and scale a new business from a platform hack into the next modern monopoly. We work with C-Suites at multibillion-dollar companies who want to take the initiative to create a platform business.

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The Defining Book on Platform Businesses

"Modern Monopolies brilliantly lays out the formula for how to get rich in the platform economy. This book will become the handbook for the next generation of business leaders."

-George F. Colony, Founder & CEO

"A required read for anyone interested in building, or investing in, network-based businesses."

-Andrew Weissman, Partner

"{A} stimulating book...The authors are particularly interesting on how modern platform companies are able to outsource much of their innovation."

-Jorn Thornhill, Editor

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