Applico’s 2022 B2B Marketplaces Top 50 Ranking is Here!

We at Applico couldn’t be more proud to share our 2022 ranking of the Top 50 B2B Marketplaces with you!

Get your copy of the 2022 B2B Marketplaces Top 50 here:

Everyone at Applico can attest to the many long days and nights that have gone into this detailed, data-driven report. We are so excited for you to have a chance to read it, and for it to help both inform and define what’s to come in 2023.

$2.2 billion was put into B2B marketplaces in 2021, with another $1.7 billion added in the first nine months of 2022. What’s even more exciting is how investors are not the only ones to take notice, with manufacturers, SaaS companies, large tech monopolies, and incumbent B2B distributors all taking material action in the past year to further their involvement with B2B marketplaces.

More and more, we see linear SaaS tech companies investing in the future, either evolving their business model to be a marketplace or investing in existing marketplaces. B2B distributors are taking notice as well, making a record amount of tech investments.

All of these topics, which will include fundraising statistics, vertical-by-vertical B2B comparison, SaaS evolution into marketplace, and more are covered in detail in our full report, available to all our newsletter subscribers.

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