The Team Driving Corporate Innovation

About Applico

Applico’s digital sherpa capabilities can be applied to many different verticals due to our multidisciplinary team. From tech entrepreneurs, to platform experts who wrote the best-selling book defining the platform business model, to private equity and M&A professionals – Applico provides a full service offering for your digital ascent.

Founded in 2009 by Alex Moazed, Applico has worked with large enterprises for over a decade. With the release of Modern Monopolies in 2016, Alex Moazed and Nicholas Johnson coined a new industry focused on platform businesses. With the launch of PLAT in 2019, the world’s first ETF comprised exclusively of platform businesses, Applico worked with WisdomTree to turn our #1 bestselling book into an investable product for everyone to share in the financial benefit of a world dominated by platforms.

Our team of sherpas is growing quickly and unified behind a common vision to help level the playing field against big tech monopolies. Big tech’s scale can cause an avalanche of pain on incumbents that have not adopted new digital business models. Applico is here to help change that.

The Defining Book on Platforms

Modern Monopolies explains the infrastructure and techniques required to build a modern and successful tech platform business like Uber and Airbnb. The book was recently recognized as an Amazon Best-Seller and has been featured on Yahoo and Bloomberg.


"(A) Stimulating book"

- The Financial Times

"These knuckleheads think monopolies are a good thing"


"Modern Monopolies brilliantly lays out the formula for how to get rich in the platform economy. This book will become the handbook for the next generation of business leaders."

-George F. Colony, Founder & CEO, Forrester Research

"A required read for anyone interested in building, or investing in, network-based businesses."

-Andrew Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures

"Modern Monopolies brilliantly reveals the secrets of the start-ups that are scaling platform businesses. A must read for any serious entrepreneur or investor."

-Olsin Hanrahan, co-founder and CEO of Handy