Amazon Business – 2020 Report

Amazon Business continues on its path to dominate B2B distribution, the country’s largest industry.

Incumbents need to act quickly to enable a future where vertical-specific B2B marketplaces can successfully compete against large, multi- category marketplaces like Amazon Business. More important than capital, platform startups want to solve for scale – something incumbents have and can provide to up-and-coming marketplaces.

In today’s trying times due to the Coronavirus, large incumbents will not be hurt as badly as the marketplace disruptors whose capital raising sources are drying up. This presents an opportune moment for incumbents and disruptors to come together and to fight back and win against big tech.

This report will shed light on where Amazon Business has been and where it’s going. It will show you historical seller data in key products categories from 2017 to Q1 2020 to map the rapid growth of Amazon Business. Recently, you will see that Amazon Business has refined its seller categorization techniques yet still dramatically increased the number of aggregate listed products across the board.

You will see where Amazon has accumulated the most sellers and listed products today, and where it’s growing the fastest. This data will help you understand if Amazon Business is about to eat your lunch – or if it already has.

Lastly, we will talk about how distributors can respond to Amazon’s bid to become the dominant, multi-category B2B marketplace in the U.S. and Europe.We will see how the B2B landscape has evolved differently in other regions and how distributors can ensure a better marketplace future for themselves.

If you want to understand how Amazon Business is going to impact your distribution business – and more importantly, how you can fight back – you will want to read on.

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