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Co-investing alongside our enterprise clients into tech and business model innovation

Large enterprises and tech startups have a common enemy: Big Tech.

Platform technology monopolies are dominant in a number of industries and many are exploiting their power. To keep up, large enterprises need to embrace novel digital business models and new ways of operating. At the same time, smaller tech players and growing platforms need scale and capital to compete with Big Tech. Applico offers a solution for both.  

Applico’s advisory business seeks to level the playing field by helping these large enterprises and growing technology players collaborate and win. As the digital sherpa to enterprise CEOs, Applico helps large enterprises make sense of the tech landscape and navigate the right path to reinvent their business model by partnering with the best early and growth-stage tech companies. By bringing together established enterprises and the right partners, Applico’s advisory business helps both parties unlock the scale they need to compete against Big Tech and win.

Alongside our advisory practice, Applico Capital deploys flexible, solutions-oriented capital to invest alongside our clients into their tech platform partners and meet their strategic objectives. We deploy a mixture of capital from our balance sheet, personal funds, and a select group of limited partners.


About Applico’s Platform Insights

Platform Insights compiles the data of all publicly listed mid- and large-cap platform businesses* that are listed on a US or European exchange. We license this data to financial companies who want to create investment products or acquire insights about leading platform companies.

Platform Insights is the world’s first data set that identifies how much platform revenue a public company generates, as described in Modern Monopolies, the best-selling book about platforms written by Applico’s CEO Alex Moazed and Principal Nick Johnson.

WisdomTree, a leading ETF creator, recently licensed Platform Insights. Click below to learn more about PLAT, the world’s first platform-specific ETF.

*Primer: What Is a Platform Business?

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