Building a successful platform is like writing a book.

Have an idea for a mobile app business? Build it with Applico through our holistic platform innovation services for startups and enterprises.

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Platform Design

Build your business model with Applico during platform design to ensure your product has high user desirability, business viability, can scale, and is technologically feasible to engineer.

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iOS & Android Mobile App Development

Build Apps and Infrastructure. Work with our award-winning engineering team to make your platform a reality.

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Mobile App Development Services for Platform and Network Businesses

Applico is an iOS and Android mobile and web app development firm specializing in platforms, which we define as a business model that enables the exchange of value between a network of 3rd party producers and consumers. Uber, Airbnb, Facebook,…

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Platform Branding

Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat and Slack require a unique approach to branding. Learn why and how platform branding delivers a strong ROI.

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Exchange-Driven Design

With a validated business model and the outline of your MVP in hand, it’s time to define the technology and UI/UX required to bring your platform to life so that producers and consumers can use it to exchange value.

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