Platform Execution

How Platform Execution Works

After your organization has gained alignment on the new business that was proven out during your Platform Design Engagement, it’s time to execute.

For the next 12 months, Applico’s embedded teams co-own the delivery of the product and the network of users (the customer ecosystem). The local team presence grows from Platform Design to ensure a successful launch of the business and acquisition of users.

Product Delivery (The Software)

Every platform needs a great product built in an iterative manner. Most clients will have their own resources for development and UI design. However, it is the first time those resources and the organization will be building a platform in an agile manner. From proofs of concept to MVP and beyond, a successful platform’s product development lifecycle is predicated upon quick and agile releases that gain consumer and producer feedback.

Applico’s leadership and product teams will co-own the delivery of the product with the client’s product leadership. We will act as a champion for the platform’s users and work with your technical teams to optimize and evolve the product to match your users’ needs as the business grows.

User Network Delivery (The Users)

Solving the chicken and egg problem is one of the hardest platform challenges, especially in the early growth stages.

Applico’s Execution teams possess data modeling, business development and marketing backgrounds. This team will ensure that the right consumers and producers are joining the platform in the right sequencing.

Our team builds the platform’s growth engine by setting up repeatable tactics and processes that will make for a seamless transition to the platform’s eventual full-time resources. Applico’s Execution team leverages the client’s resources, vendors, agencies and other assets to stack the deck to success.

Validate Further Capital Investment

Our clients have the resources to scale a platform once it shows traction – the hard part is determining when the model is ready to grow. At the end of Platform Execution, the platform will show viable business traction and meet key success KPIs (e.g., Net Promoter Score, Usage, Churn) in order to warrant additional investment and further scale.

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