Platform Execution

How Platform Execution Works

After your organization has gained alignment on the new business that was proven out during your Platform Design Engagement, it’s time to execute.

For the next 12 months, Applico’s teams ensure the successful integration of the assets from your core business with the new platform startup entity.

Unlocking Intrinsic Value from Core Business

Your core business has a lot of assets – it’s our job to help you extend those competitive advantages into your new platform entity. Whether it’s your existing user base for demand or supply, data and existing inventory or value added services, Applico’s teams act as the perfect bridge between your internal resources and the new platform startup.

Your internal teams operate on different timelines than your new startup entity. We will make sure that your internal resources are executing to plan from both a business and technical roadmap.

Startup Advisory

You just created a new startup entity either from scratch, acquisition or strategic partnership. This new entity can easily be consumed by your large, traditional enterprise. Applico will act as a filter and advisor for the startup to keep them focused on the right things and to make fewer mistakes.

Traditional enterprises have many internal teams that can get excited by new business ventures. This is great, but can be all-consuming for the new startup entity. Applico’s teams are experts at bridging the gap between the large organization and the startup to make sure only the most important requests are prioritized by the startup.

The startup entity that was just acquired or partnered with often needs to change all or some of its business model. The journey from a linear business to a platform business, even in a startup environment, is a difficult transition. A core strength of Applico’s advisory expertise is in helping the startup make the right decisions on this journey, from the technical roadmap to user acquisition prioritization and resource allocation.

Validate Further Capital Investment

Our clients have the resources to scale a platform once it shows traction – the hard part is determining when the model is ready to grow. Throughout Platform Execution, Applico will be able to provide the traditional business independent guidance on how well the platform is scaling and whether it warrants additional investment.

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