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Most tech companies over the decades, especially SaaS companies, have only had one customer base. Platforms almost always have at least two. This challenge makes growth and user acquisition exponentially harder for platforms. However, the value derived from your platform also grows exponentially as your user base grows on each side of the ecosystem.

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Much as agile, iterative product development has become a staple of successful platforms, so has growth hacking and agile user acquisition. Platforms need the ability to be creative in acquiring new consumers and producers.

Applico’s growth teams are comprised of proven operators who have built and scaled platforms before. They are also multi-disciplinary and push the limits of the modern workforce, blending together strategic, product, design, marketing and engineering expertise. Finally, our team embraces continuous innovation since, growth strategies are context dependent and need to continue to evolve as your platform does.  

Solving for the Chicken and Egg Problem

Applico’s growth advisory teams are intimately familiar with solving the chicken and egg problem for platforms. Consumers want more producers and vice versa, but which comes first? Every modern monopoly has myriad unique growth and user acquisition stories on its rise to platform domination. Fortunately, we’ve documented and detailed the 7 strategies for overcoming the chicken and egg problem and have staffed our teams with operators that have executed them before. If you can’t afford for your platform’s growth to stall, you’ve come to the right place.  

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