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Applico has extensive experience with:

  • Native iOS & Android app development
  • Backend Development & architecture
  • Responsive web design & development
  • Cross-platform development using frameworks like Phonegap and Xamarin

Process in product engineering is critical to the success of our clients’ products.

Our 7+ years of experience as an engineering organization has resulted in a wealth of best practice accumulation and process optimization. To put it bluntly, we know how to deliver quality platform products in-time and on-budget.

During product engineering, Applico Product Managers are the conductors of the orchestra. They’re the main client liaison and coordinate Applico UI/ UX design, backend and frontend engineering resources to build and launch platform business.

The app development process begins with product definition and product design.

Product definition takes the vision for the business established in Platform Design and maps out the required technology components i.e. Trelio for the app’s chat function or Heroku for app’s hosting environment or backend.

Product design involves a UI/ UX designer laying out all the screens required for the platform with wireframes. Once those wireframes’ flows are approved, the app’s screens are designed, in part by taking the visual identity established in Platform Branding and using it as a jumping off point to establish the app’s look and feel.

High-fidelity mocks are passed from our designers to engineers who code these frontend screens into existence. At the same time, backend engineers are building the behind-the-scenes pipes and engines that make your platform tick and operate effectively.

Testing is heavily integrated into our Product Development process. We test the stability of the code as well as its ability to scale with platform growth. Testing is also incorporated to account for various phone devices and environments.

Support and maintenance help is also available for clients once products are released. Clients owned 100% of the code once the product is completed. Read more about our engineering process here.

Our Leaders

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