This is What Peloton is Missing

Peloton Interactive Inc., a fitness company known for its tech enabled exercise bikes, saw share prices plummet 34% after slashing its revenue outlook by as much as $1 billion. Alex discusses why he’s continued to be bearish on the lauded fitness brand despite a spike in sales during stay-at-home mandates. He goes on to explain how Peloton does not fit the definition of a platform business, and despite the company’s claims of possessing network effects, he sees the company as a well marketed brand following the same linear model that we’ve seen in the fitness industry for ages.

00:00 – Subscribe and Fight Big Tech
00:30 – Shares Down Big!
01:00 – Peloton Has Tried to Diversify
01:48 – From $90 to $50 😬
02:06 – Look back at IPO
02:59 – Peloton is Missing Platform
03:34 – Joke Network Effects
04:26 – Trainers are First-Party
04:42 – Double The Price
05:22 – Why There’s No Defensibility

This is an excerpt from episode 182 of Winner Take All. Watch the full episode here:

Originally Aired: 11/05/21
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