3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mobile Strategy – [Sample From Provider A]

Mobile technology is not just a flash in the pan. Mobile is taking off and driving the direction of the future of brand awareness, marketing and engagement.

Companies and marketing and advertising agencies are beginning to take more notice of this important trend and make mobile strategy a top priority. Unfortunately, with the mobile landscape changing constantly, many traditional agencies are struggling to stay ahead of the curve.

David Hewitt, vice president at digital agency SapientNitro, wrote in a TechCrunch piece this month:

A siloed approach to mobile has been commonplace over the past couple of years. Many agencies have supplemented traditional creative with mobile ads that lack a larger strategy, subbing out app development that offers no real value and failing to thoughtfully consider the best platforms and devices for mobile campaigns…

This year, the market demands a more entrepreneurial mindset. Mobile is not just the hot topic of the moment — it’s the future. Embracing this reality requires a shift in thinking and many brands still do not have a mobile or encompassing digital strategy in place. Moreover, many agencies are still growing a set of basic mobile capabilities.

The most important benefit of working with a mobile consulting and development company like Applico is that our team has an in-depth, specialized knowledge of mobile technology. We partner with our clients to create a long-term mobile strategy that fits their audience’s needs and meets their brand’s objectives.

Start Thinking About Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

1. Focus on specific goals.
Ask yourself what you want to achieve through mobile technology. Do you hope to increase brand awareness and keep your customers updated on company news? Do you want to generate more sales leads or revenue? Do you want to monetize and distribute your content? Make your goals specific enough that you can describe them in a sentence or two.

2. Speak to your audience.
Consider what your audience wants and needs from mobile. What platforms align best with their purposes? What are the best ways to reach them? What kind of user experience will resonate best with them? Keep your audience at the center of your mobile strategy.

3. See the bigger picture.
Look beyond a single mobile app to envision a long-term strategy. How does mobile technology fit into your overall business model and marketing plan? How can you use it to keep your users engaged? How will you keep your strategy fresh over time? Be deliberate and thoughtful in integrating mobile into your brand’s overall digital strategy.

Interested in learning more about working with a Android and iPhone development company? Read about the services Applico offers.

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