Dot acquires Morsum
Applico advises Dot on 2nd Technology Acquisition

Investing in technology has become competitive, but Applico has the unique ability to vet and ensure we target winning companies that will provide long-term growth for both parties. Their expertise is invaluable in our strategic decision-making process.

Joe Tracy, CEO of Dot Foods


Applico has worked with Dot Foods’ executive team for the past two years to enable its distributor customers to serve their customers more effectively, thereby growing the entire ecosystem. From strategy to deal execution and now integration, Applico helps Dot Foods across its entire journey to embrace digital business models.

Client Challenge

Dot Foods is the largest foodservice two-step distribution company in the country with massive data responsibilities. The diversity of food products and services is unparalleled and discovering better ways of digitizing product data has been critical to meet developing demands. The core challenge is to digitally define all products and their myriad of attributes, and then enable connectivity in order to locate the appropriate suppliers with the proper inventory levels and map out the fastest distribution channels. Once deployed, the system also needs to be communicated, rolled out and accepted by the downstream network in order to best serve end customers.

Applico’s Solution and Outcome

After the successful acquisition of Shophero, Applico and Dot’s executive team turned towards improving their distributors’ foodservice operator customers and their business needs. Applico led the platform design efforts to align on strategy and validate how Dot Foods can adopt new technology and capabilities to solve the stated challenge. After reviewing many potential synergistic relationships and executing an intensive proof-of-concept program, Applico established Morsum as the perfect match. 

This transaction was Dot Foods’ second technology acquisition in its 60-year history. Post transaction, the Applico team supported the business integration of the two entities.

About Morsum

Morsum – a leading food industry data and AI technology platform – boasts a suite of innovative products and extraordinary data capabilities that facilitate connectivity across all players in the food supply chain – from suppliers/producers to wholesalers/distributors to operators, retailers and consumers. Morsum’s food operating system tracks and analyzes data for ingredients, labor, inventory, CRM, purchasing management, all of which improve day-to-day efficiency and operations.

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