Zillow Loses $1B+ Trying to Flip Houses! 🏚️ $ZG

Zillow has announced that it will be shutting down its iBuying program Zillow Offers. Zillow Offers would allow sellers to receive free, no-obligation cash offers on homes and sell confidently to Zillow. Alex breaks down the origins of iBuying and explains how Offers, compared with Zillow’s mainline platform business, is a capital intensive and risky linear play. He goes on to question how Zillow could fail at this venture in such a spectacular fashion while being a dominate platform in real estate with access to a wealth of proprietary technology and data.

This is an excerpt from episode 182 of Winner Take All. Watch the full episode here:

Originally Aired: 11/05/21
#Zillow #RealEstate #iBuying

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