Winner Take All Recap – Week of July 22nd

Many types of platforms have the concept of GMV (gross merchandise volume): product marketplaces like Amazon, service marketplaces like Airbnb or Uber, payment platforms like Mastercard or Paypal, investment platforms like ICE and development platforms like Salesforce’s App Exchange or Apple’s App Store.

As part of our continuing research to accurately track GMV across public platforms, we discuss how eCommerce market share numbers are wrong because they don’t properly differentiate between revenue and GMV!

ECommerce Market Share Research Gets It Wrong

Platforms are continuing to win while the linear incumbents attempt to play catch-up. This past week, we discussed Marriott’s new war with Airbnb (albeit many years too late) and Domino’s and McDonald’s collective failure to recognize their food delivery platform advantages.

Marriott Takes on Airbnb

Food Delivery Apps vs Restaurants

Domino’s Delivery Troubles

Lastly, we discussed Barry Diller’s platform empire through his holding company: IAC. Barry is a platform guru across a variety of different industries.

Barry Diller’s Platform Empire

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