White Paper: Amazon Business Threatens $6 Trillion B2B Distribution Industries

NEW YORK, NY – Applico, the advisory firm for Platform Innovation®, is releasing a white paper detailing the rise of Amazon Business and its disruption of several B2B distribution industries on February 23, 2017.

In 2016 alone, Amazon Business collected more than $1 billion in revenue and grew by 20% on average, month over month. Its B2B marketplace is taking direct aim at verticals like industrial supply, building materials, chemicals, metals, and many more. Prentis Wilson, VP of Amazon Business, has even identified as targets some companies in these industries by name.

The white paper, “Disruption at the Gates: Monitoring The Threat of Amazon Business,” explores:

  • The fragmentation and commoditization of B2B Distribution verticals
  • The rise of Amazon Business and how its penetrating these industries
  • How B2B Distributors can fight back against Amazon Business and build their own modern monopoly

“Amazon Business is often maligned by industry executives who don’t believe it can match their product depth and quality. As our research shows, this point of view is mistaken. It also is eerily reminiscent of how executives at the now-bankrupt consumer electronics retailer Circuit City reacted to the threat of Amazon.”

Download a copy of “Disruption at the Gates: Monitoring The Threat of Amazon Business.”

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