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Platform Innovation™ Weekly Round Up – July 18

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

1. VCs Sounding Off on Uber, Lyft and the Ride-sharing Market

VC’s offer their take on Uber’s valuation and the potential size of the ride-sharing market.

2. Platform Monopolies

Very interesting post by USV’s Fred Wilson on some of the issues around platforms as monopolies and the next wave of platforms. Be sure to check out the first comment from author Jeff Jarvis as well.

3, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat Are Turning Into Storefronts

Good look at how these social media platforms are evolving over time to generate revenue.

4. Why peer-to-peer payments could be as big as the internet

The future of payments platforms are bright with Bitcoin and the blockchain poised to disrupt existing players.

5. Airbnb Is Quietly Building the Smartest Travel Agent of All Time

Great example of how platform’s ability to collect data allows them to deliver personalization. But Airbnb could only start doing this once it had matured as a platform and collected a large amount of data on a large user base — yet another reason why platforms have to scale to be successful.

6. Why Investors are in love with the Collaborative Economy

A quick overview of VC investments in the collaborative economy (platforms) over the last year.

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