Onshore App Developers Key to Applico’s Success

It’s no secret that a large percentage of development work is outsourced, particularly in regards to mobile application development. In fact, if in-house or onshore development isn’t stated outright, you might as well assume your app is being coded by programmers overseas. At Applico, we are committed to keeping development onshore because we believe it is the only way to deliver a truly premium product to our clients.

Developing for mobile is a complicated process. Perhaps the most obvious development challenge is creating a uniform experience across multiple platforms. Typically, there are going to be different development teams working on the app for each device (iPhone, Android, mobile web, etc.) The final deliverable is actually several projects tied into one cohesive package. We believe that coordinating functionality, timelines and cohesive presentation is something that can only be achieved with an in-house development team.

Applico is proud to to employ Android Developers, iPhone Developers, Blackberry Developers right here in our Manhattan office.

Interested in learning more about Applico’s position on in-house development? Our CTO, Matt Powers, spoke to IEEE about the challenges and success brought on by Applico’s commitment to onshore development. Download the White Paper from the link on the right sidebar.


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