Offset4Poor Carbon Calculator iPhone App Released

Applico is happy to announce that the Offset4Poor iPhone app is now available on the App Store. Offset4Poor is a carbon footprint calculator iPhone app that helps you measure your carbon footprint from daily activities like driving, flying, and using electricity in your home. What makes Offset4Poor different is that the app also offers the choice to offset your emissions by paying for carbon saving work projects that will directly benefit some of the poorest families on Earth. These projects, like tree planting, offer both employment opportunities and environmental benefits for those suffering the most from climate change.

The poor are currently paying the highest price for the negative impacts of global warming/climate change. Offset4Poor hopes to shift the current carbon offset market, which primarily benefits wealthy individuals/industrialists, towards the poor and the unemployed in both developing and developed countries.


  • Track emissions while driving, flying and at home – GPS Tracking, Push-Notifications & Preset Averages make it easy and accurate to track your emissions.
  • Emission History & Comparison – View your emissions by week, month, or quarter. Compare past and current months.
  • Offset my Carbon Footprint – Specify how much carbon you want to offset by selecting a date range, or just use it as a free calculator to track and reduce your footprint.
  • We uploaded a brief video to YouTube showcasing some of the apps features.

The app can just be used as a free calculator to measure and reduce your carbon footprint. But what cannot be reduced can be offset. Your offset money goes to life changing projects that help the poor and the environment. Be the solution! An average American offsetting through this app for a year, can help around four poor families in developing countries get over their hunger gap by providing dignified employment opportunities.

carbon footprint calculator app screenshotiphone emissions calculator app screenshot

You can also follow Offset4Poor on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can also visit Offset4Poor’s website to learn more about the carbon calculator app.

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