New White Paper Highlights Lessons Learned from Mobile Web

html mobile web developer white paperWhile we may have started as a native app developer, Applico has grown a full fledged mobile web team that now has several projects under their belt.  We’ve learned a lot along the way, and not just from an engineering standpoint. From design to development to marketing, the mobile web is a unique and ever-evolving platform with its own set best practices.

We decided to distill that knowledge into the essentials in this white paper. We’ll cover four main topic areas in this 12-page paper: technologies, design, distribution and monetization. We’ll also discuss the key areas in which mobile websites differ from both native apps and traditional websites.

mobile web development white paper download

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Should we be creating a mobile website or a native app?
  • What technologies will allow for the broadest reach and most scalability?
  • How is designing for a mobile website different from native apps or desktop websites?
  • What are the major distribution and monetization avenues for the mobile web?

We think you’ll find the info within invaluable for the planning phases of any mobile web project. All that we ask is you provide a name and email address and the white paper is yours!

download mobile web developer white paper

Download the White Paper

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