New App Stats for Android Developers on Google Play Market

The Google Play Market (formerly the Android Market) recently released an update to the Application Statistics interface that will give Android app developers more fine tuned information about their app’s performance on the market.

android app developer console

Among the additions, publishers will now be able to measure installations by unique users as well as by unique devices. For user installations, app developers will now be able to monitor active installs, total installs, daily installs/uninstalls and upgrades.

Carrier and App Version have been added as data dimensions, meaning you can track your app’s installation trends across mobile operators and monitor each version of your app individually.

Google has also revamped the UI:

Finally, we’re bringing you all of the new metrics, dimensions, and timelines in a completely redesigned UI that is faster, more compact, and easier to use. Each dimension is now displayed in dedicated tab, making it easier to click through your stats daily or as often as needed. If you track your stats in another tool, we’re also adding an export capability that lets you download your stats in a single CSV file.

Google also added timeline charts that cover all metrics and dimensions, giving you a quick-look visual interpretation of the app’s installation trends.

All of these metrics are available through the Android Market Developer Console.

See the full post from Google.


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