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Matt Powers Featured in HP’s “16 Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers”

Our fearless technical juggernaut and Android powerhouse, Matt Powers, was recently featured on HP’s InputOutput blog. The article takes a look at the in’s and out’s of hiring mobile app developers and Matt was nice enough to provide some insight into Applico’s process and values.

Nowadays, Applico wants to know if developers ask the right questions instead of banging their heads against the wall when they can’t figure something out.

“I’d rather have somebody who knows how to ask the right questions, and who speaks up if the documentation’s not right or if something just doesn’t make sense,” Powers said. 

So after the hiring manager finds resumes with the right keywords, Applico brings in candidates for a brain bench test (which takes 30 minutes) to test critical thinking. After that, it’s on to a meeting with Powers, to see whether the job seekers are pre-lingual or can actually verbalize those right questions.

Read the full article: 16 Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers

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