Quick Take: KPCB’s Internet Trends 2012

Don’t have time to read through KPCB’s 2012 Internet Trends 112-page report presented by Mary Meeker at this years D10 Conference? No problem, we distilled some of the essential mobile data for you here. Quick and dirty, bullet points only.
  • Device adoption pace is ramping up. Early adoption stage is shorter than ever.
  • Despite tremendous start, smartphone adoption still has a huge ceiling going by total # of mobile phone subscriptions
  • Tablet’s and eReaders made a huge jump during the holiday season
  • Mobile internet traffic growing rapidly, now 10% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Only 1% in 2009 when Applico was just getting startedus mobile penetration data and statistics
  • Ridiculous discrepancy between ad spend on mobile (1%) vs time spent on media (mobile: 10%)
  • Why the discrepancy? Advertisers still trying to figure out how to create effective mobile ads. Mobile eCPM is much lower.
  • us smartphone penetration data and statisticsGood news? Mobile monetization levels in the US could surpass desktop within 1-3 years based on studying the early-adoption Japanese market. Internet experienced same lag in user base/monetization as well.
  • Mobile internet traffic in India recently surpassed desktop traffic for the first time.
  • Google/Facebook: mobile bringing in tons of users but they are struggling to monetize (a subject we recently covered)
  • Inflection point at which mobile subscriptions overtook # of land lines was 2002. Didn’t realize that happened so long ago!
  • Thoughts on the then/now section: amazing how we take all of this advancement for granted…and we’re only just getting started!
  • Smartphone OS’s “made in the USA” have gone from %5 in 2005 to 64% today. Thanks to Apple and Google of course.

Check out the Applico Q2 2012 State of Mobile Report for more mobile data and smartphone statistics, including:

  • U.S. smartphone penetration
  • U.S. smartphone age and income demographics
  • U.S. tablet penetration
  • U.S. smartphone penetration by age
  • U.S. smartphone penetration by ethnicity
  • Usage comparison: smartphone and tablets
  • Carrier market share
  • Mobile operating system market share
  • Operating system + manufacturer breakdown
  • Operating system penetration by age group
  • Platform specific (iOS, Android) operating system penetration levels
  • App Store (Google Play and Apple App Store) statistics

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