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Applico Webinar on Amazon Business Toppling Grainger As MRO Market Leader

NEW YORK, NY – Applico, the advisory firm for Platform Innovation®, hosted a webinar on the rise of Amazon Business and its negative effects on Grainger, the largest MRO supplier in the market on March 8, 2017.

The webinar, “The Impact and Risks of Amazon Business for Traditional B2B Distributors,” highlighted themes such as:

  • The financial risk of Grainger ignoring the threat of Amazon
  • The financial upside of Grainger building a platform and taking Amazon Business head on
  • Future capabilities of B2B distributors in the space
  • How W.W. Grainger (GWW) could lose $13 billion in market cap and 18% of its operating margins

All data was accrued by examining the product catalogs of multiple B2B distributors and making projections for the financial impacts.

Interested parties can view the webinar at this link: http://resources.applicoinc.com/amazon-business-threat-to-b2b-distribution-webinar-video


To learn more about platforms and Applico, contact:

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