Google Pushes Android Developers Towards Standardization

In a move I think we can all agree is desperately needed, Google is making moves to encourage android app developers to architect their apps in a more uniform way. Android’s original claim to fame, an open “free” platform with little-to-no oversight has proved troublesome as the platform ages. The overall quality of apps on the Android Market is well below that of Apple’s standards-enforced App Store. Google appears to be reigning the freedom in, if only slightly, to help improve the overall app ecosystem.

Google has put forward several initiatives to further this cause.

Android Training Classes

The new Android Training classes aim to educate developers on:

  • Designing effective navigation
  • Managing audio playback
  • Optimizing battery life
  • Designing for multiple screens
  • Developing for enterprise

Android Design Guidelines

Google recently introduced a 1-stop resource for android design guidelines. Take a look. Even if you’re not a developer, you can see how useful such a resource will be in standardizing the platform.

The Holo Theme

Google will now be enforcing mandatory use of the Holo Theme for any device running Ice Cream Sandwich with access to the Android Market. Read more about the Holo Theme requirements at TheVerge.
At Applico, we certainly appreciate these efforts by Google. Anything that creates more standardization on the Android platform only makes our lives easier. We’re all for anything that creates a better ecosystem on the Android Market as well.

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