FTC Facebook Lawsuit: Is Breaking Up Facebook The Right Answer?

On Decmebr 9th, 2020, the United Staets federal government, along with over 40 states, filed a lawsuit against Facebook for anti competitive behavior. If courts rule in favor of the federal government, many predict this could require Facebook to divest assets i.e. break up the one company currently consisting of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Alex discusses this new antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, looks back on misdirected attempts to regulate the platform conglomerate in the past, and explains why breaking up Facebook might not have the intended outcome the FTC is hoping for.

This is an excerpt from episode 131 of Winner Take All. Watch the full episode here: youtu.be/4fF-KFqnhGw

Originally Aired: 12/10/20
#FacebookLawsuit #FacebookBan #TechRegulation

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