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Enterprise Venture Building: Corporate Accelerators

What is an accelerator?

(Non-corporate) Accelerators, are typically of limited duration – a period of immersive education. They help startups define and build products by identifying promising customer segments and by securing resources such as seed capital, employees, and work space.

– 3-6 months
– broken into cohorts
– startups participate on-site
– participants typically receive
– investment
– mentorship
– education (seminars/talks)
– intros

What is a corporate accelerator?

Similar in many ways to accelerator listed above, the objectives of corporate accelerator programs and the entities within are driven by corporate objectives and these programs are largely owned and run by organizations not traditionally in the business of working with startups.

– Often sponsored by larger, information-related firms also investing in corporate venture capital
– Strategic fit crucial to success
– Enterprises including Microsoft, Citrix, and Telefonica were among the first companies to offer such programs in the early 2010s (although these have been discontinued).

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