Did Ozy Media Try to Scam $40MM from Goldman Sachs?

Alex looks at the recently exposed scandal behind Ozy Media’s announced shut down and subsequent vague relaunch announcement. He details a story released by the New York Times in which Ozy media co-founder Samir Rao was caught impersonating a YouTube executive while on a call with Goldman Sachs seeking a $40 Million investment. After detailing Ozy’s various misdoings, ranging from borderline untruths to straight up fraud, Moazed expresses disappointment with how investigators have seemingly glossed over much of the media companies offenses.

This is an excerpt from episode 177 of Winner Take All. Watch the full episode here: youtu.be/-_-gdMpUqbk

Originally Aired: 10/13/21
#OzyMedia #Grift #Fraud

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