Demand for iPad in the Workplace Increases

Tablet computers are beginning to show their staying power in enterprise. Corporate demand for tablets is increasing, with close to one out of five companies planning to purchase tablets for their employees in the second quarter of 2012, according to a survey from ChangeWave Research.

A notable majority of companies that plan to buy tablets — 84 percent — said they would purchase Apple iPads, a seven-point increase from a November 2011 survey. Apple’s closest competitors, on the other hand, are showing a decline in corporate tablet share:

  • Samsung (8 percent, down 2 points)
  • H-P (4 percent, down 1 point)
  • Asus (3 percent, down 1 point)
  • Dell (3 percent, down 2 points)
  • RIM/Blackberry (3 percent, down 2 points)

Enterprise Apps for Every Task

The iPad is becoming an essential work tool for many professionals, improving efficiency, streamlining communication and eliminating paper-based processes. iPad enterprise apps allow you to improve the way you work, from managing daily tasks to planning long-range goals. iPad apps allow you to:

  • Create presentations and spreadsheets, as well as edit Microsoft Office and iWork files
  • Share, access and organize company data and visual reports
  • Capture sketches, brainstorms, mock-ups and other ideas
  • Attend virtual meetings, look up documents and track to-do lists when you’re on the go
  • Manage sales contacts, invoices, credit card transactions and stock market information

As the iPad is used more for corporate purposes, the role of iPad development is also growing rapidly. Companies are discovering the value of building custom iPad apps to meet their specific business needs.

Features & Benefits of the iPad in Business

The iPad is easy to set up and integrate into your existing work systems, allowing you to get started as soon as you take it out of the box.

Infrastructure integration
It allows secure access to email, calendar and contacts and connects easily to virtual private networks and enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Data security
A layered approach, including device, network and platform security and strong encryption, keeps business information safe and secure.

Customizable resources
Each business is different, and each iPad can be designed to meet unique corporate needs through custom enterprise apps, mobile device management APIs and mass configuration for multiple users.

More Than Just Apps

Applico offers more than just mobile development. We have participated in strategic engagements with start-ups and enterprise level organizations alike. We focus on understanding your business’ needs and key stakeholders in order to deliver a comprehensive long-term strategy. Afterwards, we’re more than capable of delivering that solution across all mobile platforms. Get in touch to see how Applico can make your corporate mobile strategy a success.

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