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Defining a Mobile Strategy for the Enterprise

Applico’s mobile strategy offerings help companies answer questions like:

  • Why go into mobile?
    • Does it make sense to invest in mobile? Where is the value for my organization?
  • Where should investments be made within mobile?
    • What media make the most sense in which to deploy a solution?
  • When should investments be made and at what intervals?
  • What should be done?
    • Defining the mobile strategy. Should you extend an existing service through mobile? Improve an existing service?
  • How should solutions be implemented?


These are the types of questions Applico answered alongside global relocation giant, Cartus. Cartus, the industry leader in global relocation solutions, partnered with Applico to craft a long-term mobile strategy, sell the strategy through to senior management, execute development and deploy that solution to market.

In this case study, we cover Cartus’ business needs, our custom solution, deliverables and benefits gained from the mobile solution.

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