Blackberry Blues: Take Two


After two weeks with the Z10, there are a few more observations to add to my last post:

  • Notes only displayed the first few words and it was not editable
  • It was hard to delete multiple emails at once
  • The camera crashed multiple times
  • Maps are horrendous – and the detail is terrible
  • There is no weather app
  • The “semi intelligent keyboard” is irrelevant since the keys are so small and the gesture complete controls are completely inconsistent (negates the autocomplete and cognitive learning capabilities)
  • I could not make it through a day without a recharge (where as my Lumia 920 makes it through the day as well as my galaxy nexus with the extended battery – and that is with a lot less running in the background on the Z10)
  • One more thing about the battery is that you don’t know how much battery life is left – no percentage, no time – leaving you to guess

In summary, it was a very unpleasant experience and after two weeks I was happy to get rid of the device and go back to my Windows Phone. The Z10 won’t even make a great paperweight. Its flimsy and faux aluminum design will certainly blow in the wind.

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