Applico’s Nick Johnson is First PokémonGO Master to Catch ‘Em All

The mobile game Pokemon Go developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices has take the universe by storm ever since its release on July 6, 2016. The game makes use of the GPS and the camera of the player’s mobile device to let players capture, battle, and train the virtual monsters called Pokemon. Pokemon Go has already topped the American iOS App Store, as well as Google Play and increased Nintendo’s market value by US$9 billion within only five days of its release. On July 12, 2016 it was announced that with over 21 million active users, Pokemon Go was the most active mobile game in the United States. Out of all those 21 million active users, Applico’s very own head of platform Nick Johnson is the first player to catch all 142 Pokemon in the US.

Business Insider covered the story!

nick johnson business insider pokemon go

Not to mention Nick’s story is trending on Buzzfeed!

nick johnson pokemon go

Although there are 151 total Pokemons, only 142 can be caught in the US. Johnson’s dream to be the very best and “Catch em’ all” took a lot of dedication and long nights. As he had publicly announced his accomplishment on Reddit, many were skeptical and accused him of cheating. Yet when Johnson told us all about his crazy journey for the Business Insider article there was no way anyone could doubt him any longer.

Johnson’s journey usually began after a long day of work. He would walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn after leaving the office at 6 or 6:30pm. He even admits to traveling all the way to Jersey City in order to catch a Porygon. Johnson tells us that his trips would approximately last up to eight hours. Within two weeks of launch, his iPhone’s Health app had calculated that he was walking about an average of eight miles a day. As you can tell Johnson’s journey was not an easy one and it really did take hard work and dedication to complete it.

Some of Johnson’s advice and tips for other Pokemon Masters include, “Buy some good walking shoes” and that if you are going to invest real money for the the in-game items, the egg incubators are the best way to go! He also mentions that the best spots in the NYC area to catch Pokemon are Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza in Central Park. With that being said, Johnson says he will keep on playing even though he completed his collection. He hopes that Pokemon Go developer Niantic improves the app by improving the game’s battle system and Gyms.

PS: Johnson is part of Team Valor!

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