Applico: Full Service Mobile Innovation a.k.a. Cultural Innovation

With the realization, and acceptance, that we are in the next Industrial Revolution called the Connected Revolution, Applico has focused itself to help our clients accelerate mobile innovation throughout their entire organization. We do this by fostering a culture of innovation both at Applico and in our clients. We also make the assumption that every company should consider themselves a technology company and seek to innovate through the new mobile/connected technologies causing the Connected Revolution.


I plan to trailblaze a new segment within the innovation and services industries, different than product innovation, and better suited for our clients’ needs. We’re calling it Cultural Innovation. I don’t want our clients to have to keep using companies like Frog or IDEO on one-off, high profile projects. Where is the long-term, value-add involved in that?

We have a framework that we use to accomplish Cultural Innovation and it’s centered around People and Values with the derivative being a Culture of Innovation. There are three steps: strategy, implementation, and culture of innovation. For example, we still offer mobile strategy, design, and development services; however, the way in which we use them within this framework, provides much more value to our clients. There’s also some “secret sauce” that we call our Innovation Toolbox to pull everything together.

We’ve got a lot of work to do and we’re more energized than ever.

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