Applico CEO Alex Moazed Featured in the POWER Issue of Greenwich Magazine

The POWER issue of Greenwich Magazine just hit the shelves and guess who’s featured on the cover alongside Bloomberg chairman Peter Grauer, Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer and Yankees’ first baseman Mark Teixeira? That’s right, Applico’s founder and CEO, Alex Moazed. Congratulations Alex!

The power issue focuses on prolific residents (or former residents) of Greenwich, CT, where Alex grew up. Alex was chosen for the feature on account of the young age at which he founded the company and Applico’s meteoric rise as an industry leader in the mobile space since then.

The article covers Alex’s youth,  Applico’s early days, his outlook on the rapidly evolving mobile industry and insight into fostering an exciting company culture here at Applico.

“Too young to secure outside investments, he maxed out credit cards to finance the launch of Applico. In just over two years, Alex has grown the startup into a force to be reckoned with, including a growing number of employees, and an impressive client roster. He has been recognized as “one of the rising stars of telecom” by Fortune, CNN and Entrepreneur magazine.”

“Alex is living his dream. Since rolling out its first app in 2009, Applico has developed mobile solutions for leading companies and consumer brands, including AT&T, NBC, Pearson Publishing and GM.”

“Alex wanted his office to be a hip and fun place to work with a downtown vibe. So he set up shop in a former residential building and installed his offices in the penthouse, with a kitchen and a rooftop space with a skyline view, a grill and a communal dining table where you’ll see project managers and engineers drinking beers after a long day. If you stop by the offices during a break, you might find a few apps’ designers duking it out on the Kinect for X-Box 360, using apps they wrote themselves.”

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