Apple Surpasses Samsung, Selling more Cell Phones in 2012

In the always-entertaining mobile phone wars which have consumed American cellular users, mobile tech giant Apple surpassed Samsung for most mobile phones sold last year, shipping 52 million iPhones in quarter 4 of last year. The reason for the recent surge of Apple sales came in the wake of its release of the iPhone 5. Apple now owns a record 34 percent of the cell-phone market share, the most among the major mobile giants.

Apple increased its phone shipments from 12.8 million in 2011 to 17.7 million in 2012. Yet even with that substantial growth, Samsung saw a significant leap in its own phone shipments,increasing their shipments from 13.5 a year ago to 16.8 million in Q4 of last quarter. The third highest vendor shipment amount came from LG which still placed distantly behind Apple and Samsung with 4.7 million iPhones shipped last quarter. Yet unlike Apple and Samsung, which each experienced growth in their sales, LG’s numbers dropped.



It’s no surprise that each Apple and Samsung experienced increased usage of their phones over the previous year. Apple and Samsung each released new devies on their platforms: the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy, respectively, both of which have seen a spike in popularity since their introduction this past year.

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