App Developer Guidelines Released by AT&T to Bolster Network Efficiency

AT&T recently released the series of best practices aimed to help mobile app developers create more efficient applications. The series is applicable to all major platforms and focuses on the complex interactions between the application, device and the cellular network, looking into network architecture and lower level protocols that are typically hidden from application developers.

Some of the topics covered in the report:

  • Understand Mobile Networks
  • Handle Multiple Simultaneous TCP Connections
  • Reduce Inefficient Connections with Periodic Transfers
  • Deal with Connection Opening Problems
  • Close Connections As Soon As Possible
  • Offload to Wi-Fi
  • Handle Duplicate Content and Caching
  • Utilize Pre-fetching
  • Manage Peripherals
  • Upgrade from HTTP 1.0
  • Handle Screen Rotations
This kind of high-level documentation is essential for improving the app ecosystem as a whole and we applaud AT&T for heading up the initiative. As we all know, the app market is saturated with poorly programmed applications that hurt the reputation of the industry. Apps, as a platform, would be much more appealing to brands if more developers were paying attention to the details and ensuring resource efficiency for a better overall user experience.
Top Radio Resource Issues in Mobile Application Development

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