Android App Development Surges with Success of Platform

Life is different when you have a Smartphone! With Apps for just about all of your daily needs, the Android platform will continuously make your day much more manageable. From music and gaming to real estate apps, you can potentially find the home of your dreams without even getting out of bed. This brings me to the newly developed and innovative Google TV- this new addition to the world of technology comes equipped with the latest trends which includes, but is not limited to: Twitter, Pandora, Netflix and many more. Needless to say, you will no longer have to fight over the remote controller- simply control your functions with your iPhone or Android device; how cool is that! The convenience feature as we like to call it allows you to type in whatever TV show you desire and Google TV will do the rest, searching through content on your television, the Internet and Apps. The switch between television and web does not even require a change in inputs, instead, it only requires of a single click from your “remote-phone”. But it doesn’t stop there– this summer, Android App Developers will be able to create and sell apps for Google TV. That being said, you can now enjoy Android Apps with family and friends from the comfort of your couch.

Developer contributions to this phenomenal era have us racing to our local mobile dealers attempting to decide which mobile device has the best Apps. Whether it is Android, iPhone or Blackberry; they each come fully compatible with their own marketplace applications–many of which are designed, and developed by Mobile Developers at Applico. The technological advances that many commercial, private and government based agencies have taken are proving to increase visibility and most importantly accessibility; turning foreign ideas into tangible items all through the development of Mobile Apps. Android App Development is growing by the day, making a Mobile App Developer a highly sought after position. 500,000 Androids are activated each day as the Android becomes the most popular platform amongst developers. Recent stats show that 67% develop apps for Google’s OS and with the release of the Google TV; this number is bound to remain high.

Statistics revealed after 2011 Q1 show that the Smartphone constituted for 54% of mobile phone sales in the US. As this number grows, so does the competition in the mobile market. Android is leading the way with 37% of Smartphone market share followed by 27% from Apple iOS, but new players are joining the race to catch up. So who will be the third main app player? Microsoft? HP/Palm? I guess we’ll have to wait and see — but it looks like Android will have to amaze us with their new Google TV apps if they want to stay ahead of the game.



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