Alex Moazed on SiriusXM Business Radio – Platform Business Model Performance in 2020

Behind The Markets on SiriusXM:
Jeremy Schwartz discusses platform companies with an expert in the space. How are tech and content platform companies performing? What is the impact of Trumps ban on Chinese tech monopolies?

Alex Moazed believes the latest censorship from Twitter was a big strategic misstep and could enable more startup competition that impales their leadership. Twitter has “only” 30 million active daily users, and Moazed will be watching their earnings closely, as he anticipates a big drop in engagement metrics.

Many platform IPOs came out recently in the $20 to $50 billion range, and these mid-sized platforms have a lot of upside potential, in Moazed’s view.

The conversation also touched on gaming platform growth. Roblox is doing a direct listing after seeing their prices quadruple their expected IPO price just four months ago

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