5 Savvy Financial Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are invaluable resources for financial advisers who need to access information and stay in the loop while meeting with clients or traveling for business. Finance apps on a smartphone or tablet can track markets, buy and sell stocks, manage personal finances or create complex calculations. Here’s some finance app picks that score high on usability and depth of information.

1. Thomson Reuters Marketboard  itunes.apple.com/us/app/thomson-reuters-marketboard/id363999272?mt=8   (iPad, iPhone, free)

The Thomson Reuters Marketboard mobile app gives financial professionals an easy-to-use interface to stay connected to global markets. Users can customize watchlists of companies to follow, review company reports and analysis and monitor portfolio and investor relations information.

2.  Bloomberg Mobile www.bloomberg.com/mobile/bloomberg/(iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android devices, Nokia, free)

Bloomberg Mobile offers instant access to finance and business news, market data and portfolio tracking tools on a wide variety of devices, including Blackberry and Nokia phones.  If you are use Bloomberg in the office, this financial mobile app will keep you connected to the news and mareket conditions that impact your business.

3.powerOne Finance Calculator Pro Edition itunes.apple.com/us/app/powerone-finance-calculator/id339084742?mt=8  (iPad, iPhone, $2.99)

powerOne is an algebraic and RPN calculator that combines with customizable spreadsheet-like templates to a wide array of needs, from finance and investing to mortgages and real estate. It can do nearly everything, including calculating conversions, ROI, profit margins, compound growths and standard math functions.

4. NestEgg Estimator play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jennitron.nestegg&hl=en%22%20target(Android devices, $1.99)

Rated one of the Top-10 Financial Planning Must-Have apps, NestEgg Estimator is a valuable tool for retirement planning because it projects finances in the future through a simulation of income, assets, expenses, debt and taxes. It allows users to see a year-by-year breakdown of expenses, day-to-day living and entertainment expenditures and various retirement savings plans (401K, IRA or ROTH contributions).

5. Bankrate Mortgage Calculator play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bankrate.mortgage.ui&hl=en (Android devices, free)

Bankrate let’s you search the best mortgage rates and connect directly with lenders. This mobile app instantly calculates monthly payments based on a lender’s interest rate and other designated filters, and it also gives you access to articles with tips and advice on getting the best deal on your mortgage. Another useful feature on this app is that it includes a tool to see mortgage rate trends over time.

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