10 Best Platform Articles of 2018

In 2018 we focused on expanding our platform thinking across different industries, from finance to healthcare to media to B2B and beyond. We also focused on how industries can best adopt platform business models, and also on how to best design and manage those platforms.

At the same time in 2018, modern monopolies like Amazon, Facebook and Google were making headlines as questions were raised about their economic dominance. We wrote about that too.

Here are our top 10 articles on 2018:

GE Digital

Why GE Digital Failed

GE has talked of its ambitions for digital transformation for years. Yet the cloud of negative news surrounding the company these days stands in stark contrast to this grand vision.

Netflix business model challenges

Netflix’s Defensibility Problem: Why Not All “Tech” Companies Are the Same

Netflix shouldn’t be compared to other FANG stocks. To understand why, and to see the challenges with Netflix’s business model, you need to look deeper.


Facebook regulation

The Case Against Facebook’s Acquisitions

There are only a handful of platforms with more than a billion users in the world, and Facebook owns three.


Mergers are not a silver bullet.

Applico in the Financial Times: Megamergers are not a silver bullet for success

In industry after industry when traditional enterprises are faced with technological disruption they have landed on the same answer: we have to get bigger. That’s a mistake.

Amazon Go lays the groundwork for offline data mining.

Retailers, Amazon Go Doesn’t Want Your Customers, It Wants Your Data

The day Amazon announced its expansion of Amazon Go, the market reacted swiftly. Those worried about Amazon are missing half the story and Amazon’s real motive in making these moves.

How Traditional B2B Distributors Can Build Their Own B2B Marketplace and beat Amazon at Their Own Game

How B2B Distributors Can Beat Amazon

As tech giants like Amazon enter the B2B distribution sector, traditional companies must deeply understand the nature of the threat from Amazon’s B2B marketplace, and how to compete.


Vertical product marketplaces in ecommerce

The Rise of Specialized Marketplaces in eCommerce

Amazon and Walmart/Jet.com are dominating headlines for their eCommerce growth. But is there room for other marketplaces? Yes! 


A Corporate Entrepreneur Doesn't Have to Learn Tech or Risk Their 401k

How To Become a Tech Entrepreneur, Never Learn Code, and Keep Your 401k

By demystifying exactly what innovation is, managers can build a low-cost prototype to prove their idea to their company’s leaders, who are likely on the hunt for corporate innovation.



How Platform Collaboration Took Banks from Disrupted to Disruptors

How Big Banks Agreed to Co-Invest in Zelle

We dive into how Zelle was created and how it is structured now to provide one example of how traditional competitors can band together to fight back against disruptors and/or monopolies.


How a Chinese Healthcare Platform Can Revolutionize American Healthcare

How a Chinese Healthcare Platform Can Revolutionize American Healthcare

Healthcare in the United States suffers from a lot misinformation, and service barriers. In China, an insurance company found a solution to. It’s success provides a model for platform healthcare.

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