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Platform Design

GLAMSQUAD needed a partner to help develop its business model and to design and build the technology that would seamlessly connect stylists with customers, even when on the go. Because of the stiff competition in on-demand services, it also needed a partner that could help them get to market quickly.

In Platform Design, Applico’s business model designers mapped out the core transaction and validated GLAMSQUAD’s on-demand business model. We also delivered a platform roadmap that identified key differentiators for GLAMSQUAD’s platform and outlined an MVP for development.


We built the GLAMSQUAD iOS application for consumers. We also built a producer mobile application for stylists along with a Kinvey backend and integrations into popular booking and payment tools.

Using these technologies, we created a frictionless experience that enabled GLAMSQUAD’s customers to be automatically matched with stylists based on availability and location.

As a result, GLAMSQUAD was able to launch on time and ahead of the competition. Thanks in part to the platform-caliber experience Applico developed, the company has enjoyed substantial growth and very positive coverage in the media, including being named one of New York’s top ten “startups to watch” by IME. In October 2015, GLAMSQUAD closed its $15 million Series B round.

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