Fernando Freitas

Sr. Business Designer

Fernando has acted both as an executive for major transportation startups like Easy Taxi and Wappa, as well as a founder of multiple startups.

As an entrepreneur, Fernando raised several rounds of investment and sold his stakes in two of his ventures. Three of them became broadly known in Brazil – one being the first black-car hailing app, another being the first loyalty program aggregator and more recently Fernando launched the first e-moped sharing app that became broadly known in Latam.

Fernando has a deep understanding of complex operations in developing countries and one of his main assets is the ability to join his creativity with a financial mindset.

Fernando has worked in M&A at Ernst & Young and also founded a successful Venture Building lab in Latam. He graduated with honors from Indiana University in Math and Sciences and teaches a few Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses at FIAP’s MBA program in Brazil.

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