Aaron Wiener

Managing Partner

Aaron Wiener is a Managing Partner at Applico.

Prior to joining Applico, Aaron co-founded Omni Projects, Inc, an on-demand storage business that is fundamentally changing the way people think about ownership of their items.  When keeping things in Omni instead of your closet, you can access anything you need – whenever, wherever – with just a few taps, and Omni will deliver it to you. You can also share items with others, rent things from other members of the Omni community, and earn extra money by renting out your unused items. To date, Omni has raised more than $40 million in venture capital and through strategic partnerships.

Prior to founding Omni, Aaron co-founded Audiolife and Goodthreads. 

Audiolife was a one stop shop for creation and distribution of music and merchandise. It worked with over 400k independent musicians, as well as larger well known musicians such as Rihanna, Paul Mccartney and Green Day. The company was acquired in 2012 by Alliance Entertainment, Platinum Equity and The Gores Group.

Goodthreads was an on-demand merchandise company that allowed non-profit supporters to customize gear with their personal stories while raising money and awareness for their causes. It worked with clients such as the American Heart Association and Susan G. Komen. Goodthreads was acquired in 2014 by Zazzle.

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