Flipping a New Car in 2022 | Signs of Inflation πŸ’ΈπŸ“ˆ

I flipped a brand new Cadillac Escalade and made $20k! If this isn’t a sign that our economy isn’t operating correctly, I don’t know what is. I wasn’t looking to start a side hustle flipping luxury SUVs but this opportunity kind of just fell into my lap and I thought it would to much fun to pass up!

In this video I take you through how I ended up with not one, but two highly in demand luxury Cadillacs and how I made a profit selling a brand new car I had just purchased from an auto dealer. I think that being able to sell a brand new car (bought from a standard dealer) for a profit is an interesting indicator of where of economy is at and the intense strain supply chains are still under.

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00:17 – Is the U.S. Experiencing Inflation?
01:04 – Why did I buy a Cadillac Escalade?
01:50 – How I got a second premium Cadillac
03:03 – What’s supposed to happen when you buy a brand new car
03:38 – Putting my money where my mouth is
05:03 – Picking up the second Cadillac Escalade
06:19 – Telling my wife I bought a second $120,000 car
07:06 – Making the flip happen
08:02 – Did I make a profit?
09:54 – The economic takeaways

Originally Aired: 03/16/22
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