Applico Announces Platform Insights, a Platform Company Data Product

Applico is pleased to announce that it has publicly launched its Platform Insights product.

Platform Insights analyzes and identifies platform revenue from all public mid- and large-cap platform businesses that are listed on a US or European exchange. The product classifies each company by the type of platform business, as described in Modern Monopolies, the best-selling book about platforms written by Applico’s CEO Alex Moazed and Principal Nick Johnson. Applico licenses this data to companies who want to create financial products or acquire insights about leading platform companies.

In creating Platform Insights, Applico will prove its thesis that platform companies outperform competitors in all industries. Applico has conducted preliminary analysis of platform business performance as a mock index and seen encouraging results that suggest platform companies do outperform the market and recover from market shocks faster than competitors.

However, many investors have yet to deeply understand the differences between platform business models and non-platform tech companies, such as Netflix. That’s why Applico, the leading expert on platform business models, has created the world’s first data set that identifies which public companies are platform businesses. These companies use technology to create highly scalable businesses defined by defensible network effects and winner-take all dynamics. Platform Insights is the first to systematically identify which public companies have platform revenue, a key distinction from linear tech innovations or efficiency-focused digitization.


Learn more about Platform Insights analysis of platform business data.

Further reading: What is a platform business model? 

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