Why Platform Innovation is the Future of the Professional Services Industry

Platform Business Model

Applico is the world’s first Platform Innovation Company focused on building platform businesses.

So just what is Platform Innovation? It’s a form of business-model innovation that guides a business from ideation through to execution and implementation. In essence, it’s the practice of building platform businesses.

Why did we choose to focus on Platform Innovation? Because of today’s technology, platform business models are starting to disrupt every industry, from 

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How Applico Built a Mobile Livestreaming Platform Part 2: Product Definition & Design

castr applico

Developing the brand and tightening the concept

Before arriving at Applico, the client behind Castr had created detailed ideas and concepts for their vision of what the product should be and how the platform should work. Rough mockups along with a video guide explaining the reasoning behind his thoughts and designs assisted us in helping define the final branding, product and platform as a whole.

From our initial kickoff it was clear we had three priorities as a team: develop a bold…

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How Applico Built a Mobile Livestreaming Platform

castr applico

Over the past 6 months, Applico has worked with a very special client (name withheld) to build Castr, a social platform that enables its users to broadcast live video streams from their iOS or Android smartphones. It was a fantastic experience for the team to work collaboratively on cutting-edge frameworks that made this platform possible, and we’re very excited to share our experience and learnings with the tech community. This post is the first in a series of blog posts, each of…

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VSCO: Content Platform Raises $30mm without Harnessing Network Effects

vsco funding mobile app applico

The photo-editing app VSCO recently raised a $30mm Series B financing on the heels of passing the 20 million user benchmark. The app lets users take photos and edit them through preset filters that simulate stock-film photos. This success has skyrocketed the app into the top 20 most downloaded apps for the past couple of years. This is quite an impressive feat especially considering that the app doesn’t take full advantage of the network effects inherent in its 20+ million user…

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Four Core Functions of a Platform

four core functions of a platform

Every platform business has four primary functions:

  • Matchmaking
  • Building Liquidity
  • Setting Rules & Standards
  • Providing Functionality

If you do these four functions well enough, your platform will be able to facilitate its core transaction (and, hopefully, a lot of it!)


Every transaction needs a producer and consumer. People are all unique and every producer or consumer user base has various personas within it. Each user group has different motivations,…

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Does Google Like Money? How a Hungrier Google Could Increase Growth & Profits

Google Applico

Perspective by Applico Founder and CEO Alex Moazed

Google’s future is still tied to the desktop in a mobile-first world with Search as its only moneymaking platform.

With two long-standing rising stars, YouTube and Android, how motivated is Google to create another cash cow?

Gmail, Search, YouTube, Google Drive, G-Chat are all desktop first, mobile second. Growth in its desktop products is slowing while the company still hasn’t figure out how to create a highly profitable…

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4 Steps for Etsy to Keep Sellers Happy in a Post-IPO World

etsy ipo, platform innovation

This post “4 Steps for Etsy to Keep Sellers Happy in a Post-IPO World” originally appeared in the Huffington Post. 

Etsy’s path to its IPO has been about tremendous user growth. Etsy currently has 20 million active buyers and 1.4 million active sellers, from which it pulled in close to $200 million in revenue last year.

But for Etsy to succeed as a public platform company it will need to get more creative about how it generates revenue.

There are really two ways for Etsy to make…

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You Have the Next Billion-dollar Mobile App Idea — Should You Pursue It?

mobile app startups, entrepreneurs, startups

This post “You Have the Next Billion-dollar Mobile App Idea — Should You Pursue It?” originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

First off, think twice about using an NDA
As the CEO of Applico, I hear hundreds of startup ideas every week and about 10 variations of each idea. If you don’t want to tell someone your idea without having an executed NDA in place first, you are handicapping yourself. Hearing other peoples’ perspective and openly discussing your thought process in the early…

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7 Strategies for Solving the Chicken and Egg Problem as a Startup

The Chicken-and-Egg Problem

This post “7 Strategies for Solving the Chicken and Egg Problem as a Startup” originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

Customer acquisition is a core challenge for any startup. But for platforms this is doubly true, thanks to the chicken-and-egg problem.

Unlike a traditional, linear startup, a platform doesn’t need to acquire just one group of customers. At a minimum it needs two, its consumers and its producers.

But a new platform doesn’t initially create enough value to attract…

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