Services Wars: The On-Demand Economy is Swallowing the Sharing Economy

sharing economy on-demand economy

Sharing was supposed to change the world. Just a few years ago, the so-called Sharing Economy was taking over. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, Postmates and Taskrabbit were revolutionizing travel, transportation and work. Barely a day went by without the Sharing Economy getting headline attention in the press. But today the so-called Sharing Economy is no more.

What happened? Well for one, most of the companies in the Sharing Economy had little to do with sharing.

The Sharing Economy…

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5 Ways Two-Sided Marketplace CEOs Can Prevent Platform Leakage

platform leakage applico

The multi-trillion dollar services industry in the United States is undergoing a massive shift in how business is performed. A primary driver of change in the industry are service marketplaces. Service marketplace platforms connect individuals who can provide a service with individuals who need that particular service. Many of these businesses have become household names like Uber & Airbnb and are followed by up-and-comers like Instacart & Postmates. You can read more about platforms View Post

The Lean Startup Reimagined for Platforms

platform modeling applico

Building platforms with ZERO custom software

To learn how you can bring an on-demand, two-sided marketplace or content startup to market in two weeks for $15,000, read about Applico’s Platform Modeling offering.

Platform businesses require a fundamentally different approach to building & scaling. Software is integral to their success; however, it is not the primary source of value for the end user like in a SaaS business. Instead, software is an enabler for network value to be…

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iOS Mobile App Development Guide: Best Practices for Building iPhone Mobile Apps

continuous delivery mobile apps applico

For all but the most static applications, an app’s codebase is a living thing. It’s constantly evolving–debugging, merging, and building all result in code that needs continuous management to achieve the intended result. Application development is a complex process for individual developers, and for development teams, it can quickly get out of control.

This applies to all application development, and developing for the iOS App Store is certainly no exception. Apple’s intense focus on…

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Why Are Sharing Economy Companies So Successful?


Since the introduction of the sharing economy, traditional industries have been in a frenzy, governments have been scrambling to change their legislations, and venture capitalists have invested more in startups than ever before.

It’s changing the entire economic landscape. Sharing economy businesses are becoming increasingly abundant and valuable, and traditional businesses are struggling to keep up.

Sharing economy businesses utilize a platform business model, which expands…

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Sharing Economy Business Models: What Works and What Doesn’t


The sharing economy is one of the most fascinating economic phenomenons we’ve seen in recent history. It is at once one of the most powerful yet vulnerable business models out there. Despite its success, it’s hit a bit of a roadblock recently, with tough legal battles and a few early company casualties.

Let’s take a look at a few notable sharing economy businesses and see what went right, or what went wrong.

What went right: Efficiency and enjoyability. People use Uber…

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What Is An MVP Mobile App?

MVP Product Development

Normally in tech, MVP is known to stand for “Minimum Viable Product.” In our case, we replace the “Product” with “Platform.” The same basic concepts apply in terms of approach, but the output is a bit different. A minimum viable product tries to prove a concept for a single-sided product. A minimum viable platform, on the other hand, focuses on nailing down the viability of the core transaction of a platform. It’s essentially a way to test a platform business model with the…

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5 Tips For Mobile App Success

Mobile App Success

Don’t have the time to sift through all the do’s and don’ts of a mobile app? Not sure what works best for what you want to do? Regardless of your product/market fit, the problem you’re trying to solve, or your business case, the following quick tips apply to all mobile app experiences.

1) Don’t forget the data
Be it Localytics, Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel, or whatever may work for you, don’t underestimate the importance of analytics. While both Apple and Google will give…

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