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How Tech Companies Beat the Competition: Airbnb vs. Hyatt, Uber vs. Taxis, Amazon vs. WalMart

With the rise of mobile and connected technology in the 21st century, a new business model is displacing the old linear one. This new model is the large, horizontally integrated platform business. Rather than delivering products to customers in a linear fashion, a platform business focuses on facilitating interactions between consumers and producers so that they can exchange value.

As the Connected Revolution continues, platform businesses will create more value than linear businesses…

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Building Products for Platforms: Platform Definition for Exchange-Driven Design

When defining a mobile solution for a traditional one-sided business, it’s typical to only account for one perspective – the end user. Its imperative that you empathize with your end user and identify their wants and needs at each stage of the design process. This multi-stage process is commonplace today when defining a product – its called User-Centered Design.

However, when dealing with platform businesses, we have to think differently about how to approach these issues for a 

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The Zero Marginal Cost Company

One of the most powerful aspects of platform business models is their ability to scale without increasing costs.

Wikipedia is a perfect example. It’s a nonprofit and it’s free to use, but it still serves hundreds of millions of users every month. How did Wikipedia pull this off? By creating a platform business.

A successful platform has close to zero marginal cost, while thanks to network effects, the value it delivers continues to grow as more users join its…

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How to Raise Your Series A: What Investors Look for in an Early-Stage Platform

Want to make it to your Series A?

Version One Ventures is an early-stage fund investing in outstanding consumer internet, SaaS and mobile entrepreneurs. Its portfolio includes successful platform companies like AngelListClarityIndieGoGo, and Figure1, as well as many others. I recently talked with Version One’s Boris Wertz and Angela Kingyens about what they look for when investing in platform businesses. Read below for five key factors for early-stage platforms and what…

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Platform Innovation Weekly Round Up – August 3

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

1. The Internet of Things: A Developer’s Mandate

A paper from the App Developers Alliance, coauthored by Applico CTO Matt Powers, on what to expect from the Internet of Things

2. How the world’s biggest brands came to love the sharing economy

Platforms are here to stay, and some of the world’s biggest brands are starting to see the value of working with them.

3. The sharing economy’s long-term strategy…

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The Future of Seamless Technology: Talking UX at Meetup’s Headquarters

As the Applico design team continues to build its presence in the NY Design and UX communities, I was recently able to sit on a panel at a UX meetup at Meetup‘s NYC headquarters.

The focus of the event I participated in was “Developing a Better World through Seamless Technology”. Joining me on the panel were designers from JW Player, Moment and Keen Home.

Early on, we were asked to explain what “Seamless Technology” meant to us individually. In my mind, Seamless…

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Applico at the 2014 MIT Platform Strategy Summit

Applico was out in full force this Friday at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit. The event featured a collection of the leading academic and business minds on platform strategy, including Android founder Rich Miner and Alibaba’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ming Zeng.

The day kicked off with a presentation from John Hagel, author of the The Power of Pull, on how old “push” based business models are being over taken platforms that harness the power of pull.

Push businesses focus on…

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Applico is Tapping the Connected Keg

While Applico is a services company, we are constantly evolving and expanding our reach beyond current trends in platform development. Our most recent project is Pour, a connected keg prototype. written entirely by our interns James Liu and Philip Xu, with help from myself and leadership from Matt Powers, Matt Kofman, and Arun Venkatesan.

Pour itself is a keg companion app designed to monitor beer consumption. Pour yourself a drink from our connected keg while you’re logging in to Pour,…

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Platform Innovation™ Weekly Round Up – July 18

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

1. VCs Sounding Off on Uber, Lyft and the Ride-sharing Market

VC’s offer their take on Uber’s valuation and the potential size of the ride-sharing market.

2. Platform Monopolies

Very interesting post by USV’s Fred Wilson on some of the issues around platforms as monopolies and the next wave of platforms. Be sure to check out the first comment from author Jeff Jarvis as well.

3, Twitter, Facebook,…

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