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CES 2016 Recap, Platform Edition: The Young and the Questions


Last week’s CES saw an estimated 170,000 attendees descend on Las Vegas for another record-breaking round of updates from 3,800 exhibitors, their consumer electronics products and technologies, and myriad personal step counters.

Compared to last year, whereas 2015 saw an explosion of exciting new products in the connected home, wearables, VR and media, 2016 was expansive but seemed to beg more questions than answers, from decidedly young fields.

As we did last year, Applico pondered the…

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What is Product Market Fit?

product market fit applico

Product/market fit was a term coined by Marc Andreessen, “Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.”

For platform businesses, product/market fit more succinctly means being in an ecosystem with a product that can achieve critical mass. We define critical mass as the point when a platform overcomes the chicken and egg problem so that the value a new user gets from joining the platform exceeds the cost of participation. At the point of…

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How Branding Is Unique For A Platform (Two-Sided, Network, Marketplace) Business


Let’s start off with some definitions.

A platform is a business model that enables the exchange of a value (that is not directly owned or created by the platform) between two or more user groups through technology. Uber, Airbnb, Lending Club, Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Apple’s App Store, Android, and Twitter are all platforms. We like all types of platforms. We’re the Platform Innovation company!

A linear business creates and owns the inventory and value it provides…

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Applico Platform Innovation Meetup Recap (Marketplaces)

Upwork's Stephane Kasriel and Applico's Alex Moazed

Applico helds its quarterly Platform Innovation Meetup, Platform Journeys to Critical Mass at Grand Central Tech in NYC on December 12th, 2015. There was a fireside discussion between Applico CEO Alex Moazed and Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel. Afterwards there was a panel discussion moderated by Applico Principal Greg Battle and featuring leadership from Managed by Q, Classpass, Stringr, and Kinnek.


Platform Takeaways from Upwork

Upwork is a freelancer marketplace platform used by over…

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How The Platform Business Model Is Disrupting Sales

uber economy

Today we tip our hat to a specific type of platform business that is pushing the envelope and evolving the business model–commoditized service marketplaces.

Difference between commoditized and non-commoditized service marketplaces? 

Service marketplaces can be characterized by whether they are commoditized or non-commoditized. Where they fall on the spectrum is a function of how much the service they market can be standardized. For example, Uber is commoditized platform. The provide a…

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How To Hire An Engineer

hiring an engineer

It is very difficult for non-technical founders/ entrepreneurs to hire their first full-time engineer. There is an inherent disconnect between a technical and a non-technical person. While the non-technical entrepreneur is more versed than the average person about software development, their knowledge is nowhere close to the deep domain expertise of the engineer. What can non-technical entrepreneurs do to mitigate the risk involved in hiring a technical resource as a non-technical…

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What is the Future of IoT?

iot applico

Connected devices will…

  1. Actually be connected. 
    Today, connected devices is actually a misnomer. For one, a “connected device” only syncs with a handful of other devices. We will soon see a unifying IoT standard come to life. It could be Google’s Project Billo (Thin Android OS for connected devices) or another competitor.
  2. Become consultants.
    Once connected devices can talk to each other on a unified platform, they’ll be able to predict consumers needs before consumers…
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