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Applico is the World’s First Platform Innovation Company. As the premier platform thought leader, Applico has been asked by various media publications to share our insights and expertise to their readership. Our Inc. Magazine column, Tipping the Scales, features growth stories from some of the world’s largest platform companies, including Airbnb, Instacart, and Nextdoor. We also maintain a presence on Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and Medium.

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What is the Future of IoT?

iot applico

Connected devices will…

  1. Actually be connected. 
    Today, connected devices is actually a misnomer. For one, a “connected device” only syncs with a handful of other devices. We will soon see a unifying IoT standard come to life. It could be Google’s Project Billo (Thin Android OS for connected devices) or another competitor.
  2. Become consultants.
    Once connected devices can talk to each other on a unified platform, they’ll be able to predict consumers needs before consumers…
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Beyond Uber: How the Platform Business Model Connects the World

uber business model

What do Airbnb, Alibaba, and Uber all have in common (besides multibillion-dollar valuations)?

None of these companies directly create the value that their users consume. They all operate with a different business model: the platform. I recently gave a talk at the App Developer Alliance’s NYC Enterprise workshop. My talk explains the platform business model and how it works. It also looks at why this phenomenon is much bigger than consumer ecommerce and is starting to disrupt more…

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How To Increase Mobile App Usage and Engagement


There are millions of mobile apps. The app economy is a multi-billion dollar ecosystem. Yet, 25% of users download an app, use it once and never return, effectively turning your software into a zombie. A pretty expensive zombie unfortunately – read more about mobile app development costs. Here are three ways to increase mobile app usage and engagement and prevent this fate for your mobile app:

1: Deliver weekly value to your users

Your mobile app needs a value proposition that entices…

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How To Brand Your Startup


Eric Ries defines a startup in his book, The Lean Startup as “a human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” A startup can be a small group of engineers working in Silicon Valley or an established enterprise fighting to innovate.

At Applico, we specialize in the platform business model. This branding playbook provides guidance to startup leaders from both small and large organizations launching a platform and developing its…

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How Presidential Hopefuls Can Help the On-Demand Economy


This article originally appeared on Inc. for Applico’s guest column, Tipping the Scales

Tech companies, specifically, platform companies are creating the most value in the 21st century. The United States has 84% of its workforce providing a service. That means trillions of dollars each year are spent on services. On-demand service platforms are driving innovation and growth in this market. However, government has been unable to institute policies in support of these platforms and…

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How Long Does It Take to Build an iOS or Android Mobile App?

time to build an ios android app applico

This is the second most common question after “How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App.”

You know what? Coding is hard.

It will usually take 3 to 4 months to successfully develop an app that is ready for public release. When I say develop, I mean the engineering part of the process. This timeframe doesn’t include the product definition or design stages of building a mobile app.

Factors such as the composition of your development team and what development methodology…

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Commission Rates for Service Marketplace Platforms


Applico specializes in platform research. This is our first free data insight for service marketplaces’ commission rates. Every time you hail an Uber, request an Airbnb, or schedule a Handy professional the platform takes a cut of the transaction. Some platforms are more greedy than others but as a rule of thumb, a commission of 15-20% is standard in service marketplaces. However, some service marketplaces don’t do commissions at all but rather make consumers buy virtual currency or charge a…

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A Platform Analysis of “On-Demand” Elderly Care Service Platforms

Nurse and elderly man spending time together --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis

How do “Uber for elderly care” platforms deliver their services?

“Uber for” elderly care service platforms have different approaches for service delivery. The three startups we analyzed are Honor, Carelinx and Hometeam.

Honor provides users with a lean and simple user experience. Consumers are automatically matched and connected to a caregiver based on their inputted needs. The platform sets the prices for the services delivered to consumers.

Carelinx is as simple, but does…

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