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Why Platform Innovation is the Future of the Professional Services Industry

Platform Business Model

Applico is the world’s first Platform Innovation Company focused on building platform businesses.

So just what is Platform Innovation? It’s a form of business-model innovation that guides a business from ideation through to execution and implementation. In essence, it’s the practice of building platform businesses.

Why did we choose to focus on Platform Innovation? Because of today’s technology, platform business models are starting to disrupt every industry, from 

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Applico Founder & CEO Alex Moazed Featured in Inc. Magazine

applico ceo alex moazed

Initial investment? $9,000. 2014 revenue? $10 million.

Inc. Magazine’s Paul Keegan included Applico CEO, Alex Moazed in a feature on companies founded for less than $10,000 in initial investment. Below is the full article.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series profiling companies that started up for less than $10,000.

Company: Applico, CEO Alex Moazed

Initial investment: $9,000

How he spent it: Advertising, website, travel for meetings, legal fees. His first…

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As we’ve evolved from Hunter-Gatherers to desk dwellers, we have become less active and consequently more unhealthy. Sixty percent of the US population is overweight and the average US male, ages 30 to 39, has a body mass index of 29 (one point shy of obesity).  Most deaths are related to cardiovascular diseases that stem from these very weight issues, most of which are preventable. All of the treatment to care for these issues add up to billions of dollars spent each year for…

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Need client personas? Try these 3 steps.

Attribute mapping

This is a summary documenting the steps we took to create client personas for our company. We’ll cover the reasons behind doing so, and walk you through our process to get there. 

Why client personas?

Once upon a time in 1998, Alan Cooper wrote a book called “The Inmates Are Running the Asylum” in which a chapter introduced the use of personas as a design tool. Since then, they have been the common thread among all design methodologies (even Lean UX). However, the focus has mostly…

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Three Secrets Behind the Box IPO

Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011

“If at first you don’t succeed, IPO again.”

Aaron Levie, the sartorial-minded wunderkind amid the hoodied Silicon Valley masses, is rumored to be taking his company, Box, public today. Along with the hype and excitement have been lots of discussions around valuation, revenue growth and the hyper-competitive landscape Box is in along with Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Dropbox.

BOX Co-Founder and CEO Aaron…

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CES 2015, Platform Edition (Part 2): The Internet of Things and Wearables


(This is part 2 of a two part review of CES)

In part one of our review of CES 2015, we discussed the Internet of Things and wearables. We now pick up where we left off with wearables apps in health and wellness.

Health, Wellness, Fitness, Sports

Under Armour made one of the more important platform announcements at this year’s CES. The sports apparel and footwear company launched UA Record, an app built off the same platform as MapMyFitness, which Under Armour acquired a year earlier….

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How to Create a One-Size-Fits-All App for iOS: iOS 8’s Adaptive UI


Optimizing user experiences over a diverse set of devices is now more important to designers than ever before. Truly outstanding user experiences are ones that are ubiquitous across all device sizes, orientations and versions of the operating system.

To reference Apple’s latest quote in their Human Interface Guidelines, “With the latest advancements with View Controllers in iOS 8 and Auto Layout in Xcode, it’s now even easier for you to adapt your user interface to context and…

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Applico’s Sam Fankuchen on the Future of Wearables

A CES Conversation about the Future of Wearables




I had the pleasure of joining industry leaders Redg Snodgrass from Wearable World, Phil Easter from American Airlines, Hans Haenlein from Ericsson, and Jake Ward from the Application Developers Alliance for a quick conversation at CES about the future of wearable technology.

While we each bring different perspectives on development to the table, there were several points on which we agreed. Here are a few takeaways from our…

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Applico’s CTO Matt Powers Talks IoT and Wearables


The Application Developers Alliance’s latest white paper is the beginning of a series designed to help developers understand the many facets of the Internet of Things that are connecting to the Internet.

Applico’s CTO Matt Powers was included in this white paper and provided his perspective on why today’s developers have more tools at their disposal to develop for the IoT than before.

Anybody involved in the early days of mobile remembers that you had to do it yourself. None…

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