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The 1099 vs. W2 Debate of the On-Demand Economy

1099 vs. W2 debate on-demand economy

If you have an on-demand platform, paying your producers as 1099 workers will provide you with the lowest costs and most flexibility. Classifying your producers as W2 workers, even if they are part-time W2 workers, will be more expensive and less flexible. Legally, 1099 classifications open your business up to class-action lawsuits from workers that will claim they have been misclassified. Philosophically, we believe that compensating your producers as 1099 contractors is the appropriate way…

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Why the Future of the On-Demand Economy is in Good Hands

Applico Meetup @ General Assembly

The on-demand economy has been written about extensively in the past couple of months. We felt that not enough ‘insider’ perspective was secured as part of the reporting so we organized a Meetup featuring the CEO of Handy and NYC General & Operations Managers from Lyft, Luxe and Breather. We wanted to hear straight from the frontline leaders. What is the future of the on-demand economy? What is truth and what is fiction? Our Meetup recap below:

Building a lasting business in the on-demand…

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Uber Eats’ Saber Rattling and Snapchat 2.0 FTW


The past week has seen a lot of activity from social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all rolled out significant product updates. However, Snapchat scored the largest victory. Over the past couple years, Snapchat has not been afraid to take big leaps with their product. Their rate of iteration is much greater than that of their social media competitors. They have certainly had failures like Snapcash, but Snapchat 2.0 will propel them into the social media platform to watch in…

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Why Apple Is Winning Its Fight Against the FBI

apple fbi

Apple and the FBI have been in the headlines recently. The government’s argument for Apple to provide it with access to a suspected terrorist’s cell phone data preys upon the American public’s technological illiteracy. FBI Director Comey testified at a House Intelligence Committee hearing last week, “The code the judge has directed Apple to write works only on this one phone.”

Anyone in the tech community immediately sniffs out red flags with this statement. And, the rest of the…

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How 3D Touch Will Get You An Uber Faster


How many clicks does it take to book a car with Uber or a cleaner with Handy? How many screens do you see before you “connect” to the service? It depends on what service you’re booking, but the obvious answer is more than one screen. A goal of these service marketplaces is to reduce the time it takes to complete the core transaction (even if it’s just seconds) because they are commoditized. If Uber reduces the time to book by a few seconds, they further reduce search and transaction…

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What Are The Most Important Marketplace KPIs?

marketplace kpis applico

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are a means of evaluating a company or one of the company’s practices. Using the various objectives that make up the company’s KPIs, you are able to gain an understanding of what is working and what isn’t with regards to the company reaching its operational and strategic goals. The information gathered from studying the KPIs is integral to knowing what steps a company needs to take in order to improve, grow, remain strong, etc. so developing a…

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How to Get Your Startup to Product/ Market Fit

product market fit tech startups

The basic structure for growing a successful startup goes something like this: discover a problem and conceptualize a solution; develop a product and sell it to the right market; scale, scale, scale. The major make-or-break part of this formula comes in the middle section, or as it is commonly known: Product/Market Fit.

At its core, Product/Market Fit is a relatively simple concept: you need to make a product that a certain segment of society actually wants to buy, and you need to focus…

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What are Network Effects?

network effect technology companies platforms

Network effects are the ways in which a platform’s consumer base impacts the value of the platform itself; in essence, the more people who are engaged with a platform, the more useful and valuable it is. You can see network effects at work when a platform attains a critical mass of users, at which point its user network begins growing itself, intrinsically making the product more and more valuable.

The two main types of network effects are Direct (Same-Side) Network Effects and…

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