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How Tech Companies Beat the Competition: Airbnb vs. Hyatt, Uber vs. Taxis, Amazon vs. WalMart

With the rise of mobile and connected technology in the 21st century, a new business model is displacing the old linear one. This new model is the large, horizontally integrated platform business. Rather than delivering products to customers in a linear fashion, a platform business focuses on facilitating interactions between consumers and producers so that they can exchange value.

As the Connected Revolution continues, platform businesses will create more value than linear businesses…

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The Apple Watch is Bad News for the Luxury-Watch Industry

Apple Watch Hero

The luxury-watch industry is about to undergo another wave of disruption, and the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that there’s a problem in the first place.

With the next wave of high-end wearables on the way, the problem is about to become very apparent. The luxury-watch industry is already feeling the pressure. Many of the major luxury-watch makers have been sending cease-and-desist letters to websites that allow you to download imitations of their watch faces that…

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Applico Profile: Thomas Karam, Director of Android Engineering

Thomas Karam

“Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda

As part of a series showcasing our wonderful employees, we’re featuring one member of our team each month. This month we’re introducing you to Thomas Karam, Director for Android Engineering. Read below to learn a little more about Thomas!

  • Best dish that you cook?– My best dish is sauerbraten, and it happens to be my favorite too! While my family mostly identifies with our Middle Eastern ancestry, my personal taste aligns more with…
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Overcoming the Chicken-and-Egg Problem

The Chicken-and-Egg Problem

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? This age-old question is one that every platform business has to face.

Initially, a platform does not create enough value to attract new users. It’s not economical for consumers to join the platform when there are no producers, and vice versa. The challenge is: which group do you get first, and how? This is the chicken-and-egg problem.

This problem is common to all platforms. For example, Uber needs drivers to get customers, but it also needs…

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An Interview with Akshay Patil: Why Small Companies Sometimes Build the Biggest Platforms

Platform-Categories final smaller

Alex Moazed: Thank you Akshay for joining us today. Akshay Patil is the former head of platform at Foursquare and is today heading up a super stealth incubator/lab at Samsung, doing some cool stuff here in New York City and building on his experience at Foursquare.

To start off, Foursquare was launched as part of the big wave of social platforms at the end of 2000ish era. In a recent interview, Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson talked about social networking was big for the last five…

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Winning 101: Effective Entrepreneurship Demystified

Successful businesses are built on sensible decision-making regarding inputs, activities and outputs. Some priorities are higher than others and some uses of resources are wiser than others. The ability to pull everything together in the right way is what enables business leaders to create new categories or dominate existing ones. But doing all that doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems.

At Applico, we work with companies, new and established, to help them make the most inspired…

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Apple Pay Will Open Up Customer Data to Retailers. Here’s Why.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will open up customer data to retailers. This will happen. It’s a matter of time. Look at the evolution of every major platform in recent memory. Facebook opened up its customer data to advertisers after getting scale. Google did the same with AdWords. Apple already did this by offering ads for apps in iOS8. The list goes on and on.

Once a platform is at scale, it can slowly evolve without triggering consumer apprehension about privacy. After consumers’ have adapted to…

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of iOS 8’s Accessibility Features

This is the fourth in a series of posts about new iOS 8 features that app developers and apps can take advantage of. While there has been a lot of talk about some of these, our goal is to take an in-depth look at the big impact that some of these new features in iOS 8 will have. Here we’ll take a look at iOS 8’s accessibility features. For the first post, which covers iOS 8’s new App Exensions, go here.

While Accessibility options are not new in iOS, a lot of apps could do a much…

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Inside Look at iOS8’s New Photography Features

iOS8 Developer Manual Camera Controls

While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus brought new camera hardware upgrades, Apple also improved photography in a few ways with iOS8, so users of older phones won’t be missing out entirely. These updates involved changes to Manual Camera controls and Photokit and affects both when a picture is being taken and what can be done to a picture that has been saved. As a developer, these new features allow you to tap into the the camera like never before to create some great experiences for your users….

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